Petrobras highlights progress on BOPs, subsea safety valves

Petrobras highlights progress on BOPs

HOUSTON – Petrobras has presented results of a collaboration with Embraer concerning BOP and subsea well safety at a meeting with guest offshore operators and representatives of the International Association of Drilling Contractors.

Among the innovations developed is an improvement to the SPM-type valve design, made by a BOP manufacturer. This is said to lead to increased reliability, ensuring fewer BOP failures, better operating safety, and reduced likelihood of project delays.

Other results include improvements in the Safety Index calculations (the likelihood of completing the well phase without a BOP failure) and system reliability in drilling and completion activities; identifying the most critical component for increased BOP system reliability; and identifying opportunities and conceptual design developments for a new regulating valve, with a focus on reliability.

Petrobras committed to the project at OTC in 2014.

The company also presented its initiatives in progress related to subsurface safety valves (SSSVs). These again draw on the learnings from the project with Embraer and are intended to increase critical system reliability and safety in the construction and operation of subsea wells.

Improved reliability of SSCVs should also reduce costs associated with interventions to correct faults, Petrobras said.

The company is looking to encourage industry participation in these initiatives and to establish others with similar objectives.


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