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Ocean Power Technologies

Ocean Power Technologies

OPT is a world leading supplier of devices (PowerBuoys) that harvest energy from the waves which in turn provides our customers with the ability to deploy remote, autonomous UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for differing ocean applications. Our wide range of devices are applicable to a number of different markets including, Utilities, Defence and Oil & Gas. Designed for 3 years maintenance free operation the PowerBuoy offers our customers not only an increase in capability, but also real cost reduction opportunities in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX.

OPT has a number of live projects across the world from the large scale devices (150kW and above) for Utility power generation in Oregon and Australia through to smaller devices (5kW and below) in Hawaii and New Jersey. In 2011 in New Jersey OPT successfully deployed its technology in partnership with the US Navy. This project, which delivered a continuous UPS of 350 watts of power generated from the action of the waves to a payload of military sensors, is enabling the US Navy to enhance their border security and tracking capabilities.

Our proprietary power capture, storage and management system ensures UPS is available 24/7 for the payload in all ocean conditions – including up to 10 days of flat calm. Our PowerBuoy design enables above water applications such as shore communications to the deployment site coupled with the ability to deliver power and communications for data transfer reliably to the ocean-floor. This new technology is a significant enabler for the development of both persistent and expeditionary in-ocean sensor and communications networks. Below are some examples of where OPT’s technology can be used:

Oil & Gas
The O&G market has a large electric power requirement for subsea operations. This requirement is usually implemented by deploying cables on the sea bed. Our UPS technology from our APB (Autonomous Power Buoy) offers a more cost effective solution to this as the power source can be located closer to the point of use. This reduces both CAPEX (no cable) and OPEX through less maintenance. It also offers better control and monitoring of systems to allow pro-active fault detection enabling increased reliability and safety.

Monitoring & Sensing
Our APB offers new capabilities for implementing monitoring and sensing activities for numerous different applications in the Defence, Oil & Gas and Environmental areas. The remote UPS power source of the buoy allows agencies to either deploy in areas not currently available to them or enhance their current capability from the ability to have a larger, reliable and continuous power supply. The APB also allows remote communications for data backhaul and remote control thus increasing capability and reducing OPEX through less maintenance.

AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
The APB is able to enhance the AUV capability by providing a remote UPS and communications link. This allows the AUV’s to be deployed for longer periods and enables better control and data retrieval. Our system can be integrated into an AUV “garage” from which AUV’s can be recharged and then re-deployed on different missions from remote onshore control centres thus significantly reducing OPEX.

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Ocean Power Technologies