ACE Winches Supplies Equipment for DolWin Installation Project


ACE Winches mobilized and installed a winch package for use on the jacket installation and float-over of the DolWin topside platform.

The DolWin HVDC converter platform is located in the German Bight of the North Sea. It measures 100 meters in length, 70 meters in width, stands 90 meters and weighs approximately 15000te.

ACE Winches supplied a 6 x 120 Tonne WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch, 2 x 85 Tonne WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch, 4 x 30 Tonne WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch and ACE Running Line Monitors, 2 x ACE 14 Tonne WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch all of which was supported by Hydraulic Power Units.

Alfie Cheyne said: “ACE Winches was delighted to secure a 6-figure contract for the DolWin jacket installation and float-over, and having an opportunity to supply a complex winch solution for this large project.”

The specialised equipment was supplied directly from the company’s rental fleet, all of which is designed, engineered and manufactured at the company’s global headquarters in Scotland.

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